The Simpsons: Tapped Out [324] Itchy & Scratchy Land Update (2018) Pt 2 (Act 1) {Questline Overview}

Hey what’s going on guys, Ted2001 here!

In this TSTO let’s play series you will be able to see what I have been doing in my town recently, with all the updates that come with events! ūüėä

TSTO “Itchy & Scratchy Land” 2018
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The Simpsons: Tapped Out¬†is a¬†free mobile game for¬†iOS¬†and¬†Android, based on the American animated series¬†The Simpsons. It allows users to create and maintain their own version of Springfield using familiar characters and buildings. The game is constantly being updated with new, often season-specific content, for example during holidays like¬†Thanksgiving, and¬†Treehouse of Horror¬†episodes-related content For Halloween. Not limited to English-speaking players, the game is available in many languages such as¬†French,¬†Italian,¬†German,Simplified Chinese,¬†Peninsular Spanish¬†and both¬†European Portuguese¬†and¬†Brazilian Portuguese. The game was developed and published by¬†EA Mobile¬†and launched in the EU on February 29, 2012 and in US on March 1, 2012 for iOS[1]¬†and February 6, 2013 for Android.[2]¬†The game was released for¬†Kindle Fire¬†devices in several markets on June 24, 2013.[3]¬†According to its own estimates, EA generated over 0 million in revenue since the game’s release.[4]¬†For¬†BlackBerry¬†10, the Android version of the game can be downloaded via¬†Amazon App Store.

What’s new?

Declining attendance and overlong load times ruining your Krustyland? Well you know what they say: if at first you don’t succeed, tear that mother down! Now you can build your own Itchy and Scratchy Land right in Springfield. It’s a whole new park just waiting to be mismanaged, but make sure to stock up on Bort license plates. Oh, and watch out for rebelling robots!

Play today and enjoy the ride!

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The Simpsons Tapped Out: Krusty Land Walkthrough (iPhone/iPad) Time to Make The Donuts Pt.1

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Simspons tapped out krusty  land glitch

this glitch allows you to have krusty land in your Springfield town

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Simpsons Tapped out: Maximise your NAUSEA rating in Krustyland!

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This video is specifically about the power of the krust-o-meter in krustyland in springfield in the simpsons tapped out. We will be discussing the extra visitors it provides, the bonus tickets and the improved and upgraded shuttlebus. Check the simpsons playlist for more detailed videos on nausea, kitsch, grub and merch.

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This Simpsons Tapped Out tutorial series will help you in all areas of city building and quest completion. I will be looking at city design, how to get free donuts, how to get more xp and get more dollars. This will all be through legitimate methods and with no hacking. The series will also have simpsons tapped out gameplay and simpsons tapped out walkthrough elements too. I will discuss the best buildings, best characers, best missions, best quests and all with high definition – HD – gameplay footage. This game is for the iPad, iPhone, android mobile gaming and is one of the top games in the world for in-app purchases. Getting unlimited donuts isn’t possible without an exploit but I will try and teach you how to maximise the amount of donuts you can get through careful money management. I hope you enjoy this simpsons tapped out guide and please subscribe and like the videos. Adi

The official simpsons tapped out website describes the game as….
From the writers of The Simpsons, tap into a city building game that lets you create your own living, breathing Springfield…for FREE.

Recreate Springfield just like you want it, as you help Homer find Marge, Bart and the rest of his family and friends. Complete comic quests like making Apu work ridiculously long shifts at Kwik-E-Mart, growing and harvesting Tomacco on Cletus’s Farm, partying down with Duffman at Duff Brewery, and more. Finish jobs and tasks to earn currency and…mmm, donuts. This mobile game is available for iPad, iPhone, Android devices and is also on the google play store.

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